March 21, 2013

Where the Old West Comes Alive

If you want to drive to Austin Nevada there is only one way to get there. Find your way to Route 50 and drive east. Or west, depending on where you are driving from.

This is the sign that tells you that you are approaching Austin as you drive west on Rte 50 in Central Nevada.  I must have driven past it a half dozen times during my trip there last spring as I was exploring the area with my camera. It was on my last full day there that I finally pulled over to grab a shot. And another eleven months or so before I finally got to processing it!

Speaking of processing … This was processed in Perfect B&W from onOne Software. After making my adjustments in the B&W module, I applied the “multiply” blending mode. That step blends the B&W layer with the base color layer. From there, I made some additional adjustments in the B&W module. After saving the image to Lightroom, I made some final adjustments there.

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