March 27, 2013


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Last summer I went to the Everett Mill to get a shot of the building my friend Tom Short requested. He wanted a tight shot of the building’s facade looking up towards the clock, which was partially blocked by branches. While Tom was standing on a 10 foot ladder, leaning into the trees to trim the branches, I was being the helpful friend. No. I wasn’t holding the ladder. I was across the street getting other shots. This is one of them.

Frankly, I didn’t think much of it until I revisited it over the weekend, opting for a B&W conversion to help bring out the drama in the sky.

And speaking of drama, we are less than two weeks away from the first Historic Mills Photography Workshop. It will take place on Saturday, April 6. A little over a dozen people will be treated to shooting the sixth floor of the Everett, the top two floors of the Stone Mill and several great stairwells in both. The afternoon will be filled with some post processing instruction and more shooting.

The April 6 session is sold out, but there is still space for our May 18 session. If you are interested, click here for more information or just email me.

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  1. Nicely balanced composition. I like the drama in the sky as it meets the imposing building with the dark shadows either side that provides a symmetry, pushing the viewer into the photograph.