March 29, 2013


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Back in September of last year I was driving through southern Maine and stopped at Nubble Lighthouse to shoot for about an hour. Nubble is one if the most accessible lighthouses in the area, so it is always teeming with tourists and – of course – photographers. That day was no exception.

I was amazed by the awareness and respect people showed. While hopping along the rocks, looking for good compositions, I ran into other photographers. I got out of their way, they got out of mine. When they noticed the camera, people stepped out of my way. At one point I respectfully watched as a family sprinkled the ashes of a deceased loved one into the surf between the cracks in the rocks.

Yes, Nubble is a special spot.

The overcast gray day was perfect for long exposure, so I obliged.


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  1. Gotta love the mutual respect. I can see why this is such a special place–it’s spectacular. Beautiful tones and contrast here, and I love the perspective.