April 3, 2013

Malden Mills

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I spent some time in the archives last night looking for old images to re-process or – as in this case – images I originally overlooked.

I know why I overlooked this one. It was shot back in 2010, when I was heavily into honing my HDR skills. I rarely (if ever) considered B&W conversion. I’m sure I just skipped past this, seeing stronger HDR potential in other images. This time around, I saw the potential for B&W in the light and shadow, so I gave it some NIK Silver Efex love.

I didn’t hit this particular set of images by coincidence, either. This site is located only a couple of miles from my house. It was wide open, very accessible and was my favorite place to go to shoot on a whim. It seemed like it would always be there. Then one day construction fences surrounded the facility and the trucks rolled in. Fun time was over.

The conversion to apartments at Malden Mills looks to be about half way done.


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