April 8, 2013

Historic Mills Photography Workshop

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It will be tough to top this weekend in terms of milestones, productivity, and fun. It is also tough to capture in a single blog post, but I’ll try. On Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of shooting with my good friend, Scott Wyden who was visiting from New Jersey, On Friday night, I photographed my son and about a hundred other kids who performed at the Strand Theater in Boston (more on that tomorrow). And on Saturday Steven Perlmutter and I launched the first Historic Mills Photography Workshop (the subject of today’s post). And, if that wasn’t enough, I celebrated my birthday AND wedding anniversary. Yup. It was pretty busy.

Needless to say, I have a few images to share so I thought I’s share a few from the workshop today. Above is the only “recreational” shot I got during the day. I chose instead to turn my camera towards our guests at the workshop. Below is a small gallery of my favorites.

Steven and I were overwhelmed by the response we got to this, our first workshop. We had a blast guiding about 15 people through the Stone and Everett Mills in the morning and, if all the the smiles and comments were any indication, I think they had fun as well. The afternoon was freewheeling. We did some post processing demos and worked with people, one-on-one on their own images and also gave people the option to continue shooting the mills.

We are very grateful to our hosts and partners at Everett Mills Properties and the Lawrence History Center. Susan Grabski, Director of the History Center opened the day with a talk about the history of the City of Lawrence and the specific mills we were shooting.


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  1. Hey Bob, congrats on pulling that together. I bet it’s more work than people realize. Glad it went well. Cool shots of participants too.

  2. Bob and Steve – what a terrific workshop you presented on Saturday. The mills were wonderful to photograph and the group was friendly and more than willing to share some great ideas. We look forward to joining more of your workshops in the future. Peggy and Don