April 10, 2013

Christian Science Center

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This is a recent BW conversion of an image I shot back in the summer of 2010. Actually, I don’t think I published any version of it before, so technically, it is a new image here!

The Christian Science Center is one of those odd places that blur the lines between public and private. The property is open to the public to enjoy, but since it is private property, they politely discourage “commercial” photography. As Dave Wilson, Brian Matiash and I were shooting with tripods (a red flag) we ere each approached at different times by a security guard who politely asked us what we were shooting and why.

Our answers were all pretty similar, as I recall. The words, “hobby” and “personal use” rolled off our tongues. After a polite “thank you” from the guard, and we continued shooting.

We shot a lot that day and I posted a lot of the resulting images. This one, however, I overlooked. And I’m glad I did. When I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago, I immediately knew how I wanted to process it. My processing techniques have evolved over the past couple of years and I doubt I would have processed it the same way in 2010.

If you want a print of it, drop me a line. Just don’t tell the security guard. I told him it’s just a hobby.


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