May 1, 2013

Dead Horse Dave

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This is one of the last shots I grabbed at last Saturday morning’s shoot at Dead Horse Point in Utah. It was taken just after Dave Wilson grabbed his last shot of the morning. That’s him in the upper left, breaking down his gear.

The best shots are yet to come from this amazing location. And it is amazing! What was mind boggling to us out of town photographers on the trip is that Dead Horse Point was Plan B!

The original plan was to hit Marlboro Point, on the other side of the canyon. Our plans were dashed when we had a bit of difficulty finding the dirt road that lead to it. Who knew that three hours of sleep would have such an adverse effect on our driving and navigational skills?

That said, there was nobody in the NxNW Mafia who was disappointed in “Plan B.”

You can’t see it in the silhouette, but Dave was definitely smiling!

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