May 2, 2013

Mission Accomplished

[singlepic id=2199 w=750 float=center]

I thought I’d continue on the theme of photographs of photographers for today.

That is Justin Balog, photographer, author and friend, standing on the edge of the world with his arms raised. The setup for the shot was his idea and almost all of us got a few shots of him out on that ledge. I went in tight with the 300mm lens for my set of images. This was the last one I grabbed. Loved Justin’s arms raised in jubilation.

The definitive shot however, was captured by Chris Nitz. He went wider, shooting at about 100mm. The results are stunning.

Thanks to Justin for making that shot so easy to get!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for linking up the book. I totally appreciate it. I think I’ll need to get a full res version of that one!