May 3, 2013

Like Minded

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We took the scenic route to Moab. A stunningly gorgeous drive along t he Colorado River.  The rule was, if you see something you want to shoot, tell the driver and we’ll stop. As a guy from Boston, I wanted to stop everywhere, and I suspect my friends from equally foreign lands felt the same way. But we maintained a level of self discipline. We had a couple of scheduled stops and a place to be to shoot sunset..

Then we came upon this scene. A collective “holy shit” echoed through the truck as Justin brought it to a rumbling stop on the gravel shoulder, Rick’s (very macho) minivan right behind is. They had the same “holy shit” moment.

What happened next was almost comical. The sound of doors slamming was followed by the clacking of tripod legs was followed by the clicking of shutters.

We all got a similar shot here, but then branched off to get a more unique take on the area.

After about a half hour, we picked up our jaws, packed up our gear and moved on to the next magical stop.

Below is a shot of the collective mind of a group of photographers.

That’s Rick Louis front and center, Dave Wilson behind him and Chris Nitz. Justin Balog, I think is somewhere in there.  Mark Garbowski and Michael Criswell were standing in awe out of the frame.

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  1. I was undoubtedly standing in awe out of the frame as you say, but that is my rig standing unattended on the left, in front of everyone else.

  2. Both images are fantastic! A lot of these fellas I know but have never seen in action. I’m very jealous of the trip and photos being displayed by you all.