May 6, 2013

Sunset at Arches

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If I was disappointed about any aspect of the Moab trip (and I really wasn’t), it would be the lack of clouds in the sky for much of the weekend. Clouds give the sky personality and character. They deliver drama to sunrise and sunset. Slap a 10 stop filter on your lens and do a long exposure and clouds move through your image.

Alas, we had no clouds for most of the weekend. Our challenge was to overcome that.

During the heat of the day, with the sun high and the light harsh, a good option is to do black and white conversion. And I did quite a bit of that with the images from the trip. But late in the day and early morning, when the sun is low, look for ways to accentuate the colors .

This image is an HDR image created with the Photomatix 32 bit plugin for Lightroom. After tonemapping in Lightroom, I boosted the color balance to the warm end, then applied a slight cross-processing effect. I then added a soft vignette.

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