May 7, 2013

Crow’s Nest

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I’m taking a break from Moab images today to bring you something I shot a couple of months ago. With a story.

Back in March I was visiting my friend, Fran, who lives on the South Coast of Massachusetts. Fran and I go back to High School and share a lot of common interests: running; brewing beer; classic rock; the blues; and photography (I shoot, he follows).

Anyway, the primary purpose of my visit  was to run the New Bedford Half Marathon with him, but Fran was keen on indulging my love of photography, so he arranged a shoot for me.

You are looking at the crows’ nests of the Mayflower II, a replica of the famed ship that carried the Pilgrims to the New World.  It was in dry dock for repairs over the winter at a ship yard local to Fran. Through Connections (Thank you, Artie!), we got a few minutes of access.

Since it was in dry dock, I could only shoot from the ground. I had no access to the deck at all (but would love to!). And with the support structure built around it, it wasn’t incredibly photogenic. But it was still very cool.

To get here, the ship was sailed from Plymoth, MA through the Cape Cod Canal, down to Fairhaven, MA —  a journey of (I’m guessing) many, many hours. Upon its arrival, the Mayflower II was deemed “unseaworthy.” Long overdue for maintenance.


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