May 9, 2013

Traveling Photographer

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I have to confess, I didn’t notice the plane in the frame when I took this shot. I was focussed on the gentleman from Newfoundland standing on the rocks on the right. He was perfectly silhouetted against the sky as he was setting up to shoot sunset at Turret Arch.

After I took the shot he yelled back, “There is plenty of room up here!” So I made my way up. Eventually, so did the rest of the NXNW crew.

The gentleman from Newfoundland was, like us, traveling to feed his photography.  For us, it was a short, frantic trip we shoe-horned into our busy lives. For him, a long, slow, deliberate journey through the Southwest to shoot the National Parks and other landmarks. We were all a little envious of his itinerary and pace.

He was eager to share advice, warning us to get to Mesa Arch (our next morning’s destination) for sunrise early. “Get there by 5:15 or you won’t get a spot,” he warned. Valuable advice, as it turned out. Some of the NXNW crew had been to places he was heading to and offered advice in kind.

Anyway, I thought the plane in the frame was as appropriate as it was lucky!

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