May 17, 2013

Book Cliffs

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When I took this shot I was operating on about 6 hours of sleep over the previous 48 hours. And those 42 hours I was awake were among the most fun I’ve ever had shooting.

This was the last day of our whirlwind North by Northwest Photo Blogger weekend. While Chris Nitz, Rick Louie and Mark Garbowski headed back to Denver (their shooting day wasn’t over either!), Dave Wilson, Justin Balog, Michael Criswell and I stayed in Grand Junction before heading to our respective homes the next day.

We made the most of the time. We hit up Colorado National Monument for a sunset/blue hour shoot, in spite of our complet, delusional levels of sleep depravation.  We found this area with a gorgeous view of the Book Cliffs on the other side of the city of Fruita and camped out, waiting for the magic to happen. The four of us chatted and reminisced a bit about the previous 48 hours of frantic fun.

And were in awe of the clouds that, until this night, had alluded us.

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