June 10, 2013

Light Painting at the Stone Mill

[singlepic id=2231 w=750 float=center]

Steven Perlmutter, Mike Tully and I tried a bold experiment last week. We went to the Stone Mill for some light painting and night photography.  None of us had ever attempted shooting in the dark in the Stone so we didn’t know what to expect. After checking in with my security we made our way to the attic, where it was dark even in the daytime. Steven hit the office while Mike and I sought out shots in the main area.

We were armed with LED flashlights and SB600 flashes but, in general, we were woefully unprepared. I will admit to spending way too much time trying to light paint this utility cart, but I am relatively happy with the results. It was definitely a learning experience and we hope to do more of it.

Light painting was only part of the fun. The external lights create an amazing color temperature contrast as they spill onto the floors and walls of the Stone. After getting this shot I did a few long exposure shots in various parts of the building.

You’ll see them this week.

If you are familiar with my blog, you know this, but it is worth repeating: The Stone Mill is private property. My access to it is due to the generosity and friendship of the building’s owner.

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  1. I’ve been mulling over ideas for some local (to me) light painting myself after our experience in Arches. Glad to see someone else has moved forward with it.