June 13, 2013

Sunrise at Mesa Arch

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Instead of another Stone Mill night shot for today I decided to dip back into my images from the NXNW Photo Blogger Jamboree images.

Shooting Mesa Arch at dawn was easily the highlight of the Moab trip. OK, not easily, but it is definitely in contention for the top spot.

It is a heavily photographed event. The day we were there, we were very lucky. Only a dozen or so photographers had arrived before us, staking their claim. Or arrival swelled the crowd to almost 20. A handful arrived after us.

Jockeying for position was tough, but soon, we all settled in for the light show.

I took a lot of shots through the sunrise. This was the best of the bunch.


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  1. Nice starburst, Bob! Much as I love the 14-24 that I was shooting with that morning, I’m somewhat disappointed at the cruddy starbursts it generates. In retrospect, I should have shot with the Sigma 15mm and just cropped out all the tripod legs in the foreground. Next time…

  2. So we all shot the same scene at the same time but I’m loving the slight variations in everyone’s creations.
    Regarding Dave’s comments, it’s ironic he didn’t use the Sigma because I did use the Sigma fish, but ONLY because he mentioned that it gave better starbursts than the Nikkor 14-24 on the way there.