June 19, 2013

Acadia Fog

I found these images poking through the archives. They brought back some great memories.

Both of these images were captured in 2009 during a camping trip to Acadia National Park with my (then) 12 year old son, Ryan. He really wanted to go fishing that year. So I dutifully booked us on a boat out of Mt. Desert Island’s Southwest Harbor. Of course, when I booked it, I had no idea that the entire area would be shrouded in a blanket of fog. Visibility was not more than 20 feet, but the boat’s captain was intent on not giving up a day’s pay by canceling the trip and refunding our money. So off we went, into the fog.

Through the miracle of GPS, we never ran aground. And through the double miracle of the fish finder, we actually and caught a few fish. But the combination of rough seas and (effectively) zero visibility took its toll. There was no miracle to prevent a wave of sea-sickness from sweeping through the boat.

One after another, seemingly in slow motion, we all succumbed. After a couple of hours of serial, our greedy Captain decided we should cut the day short.

The day was not wasted. In spite of the nausea, Ryan had a good time catching a couple of fish, and I grabbed couple of good images.

Above is a shot of a couple of boats in Southwest Harbor in the fog. It was shot as we were waiting (dreading) to depart for a “day” of fishing.

Below is a shot from Cadillac Mountain of the fog rolling over the Porcupine Islands. It was shot a couple of hours after we got back from fishing.

That was some thick fog.

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