June 27, 2013

This Way

[singlepic id=2247 w=650 float=center]

Here is another image from my recent visit to Belchertown State School. Next to Monday’s image it might be my favorite. Urbex locations like this work better for me when you can convey an air of mysterious creepiness. Or is it “creepy mysteriousness”?

Anyway, revisiting Belchertown was a treat. It had been over a year since my last visit and over three years since my first visit, so I was curious about its disposition. I was happy to see it still there, but a little surprised to see how much this building had deteriorated since my first visit. I have a couple of posts in mind to illustrate that difference. I’ll execute on one or both of them next week.

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  1. Hey Bob.. this harkens back to urbex days with Brian Matiash. I loved the stuff you guys came up with in these old buildings. This one is great!

  2. Author

    Thanks Richard.
    I have some very fond memories of shooting these buildings with Matiash. We had some great shoots when he was in the area!