July 2, 2013

Plainview Diner

[singlepic id=2250 w=650 h=650 float=center]

This is a shot from Memorial Day Weekend on Long Island. I went down there with a friend to run a Memorial Day road race. Of course I brought my camera, but it barely made it out of my bag. The weekend was a washout. The race was incredibly cold and wet — although very enjoyable and for a great cause.

Anyway, my buddy Fran and I left the morning after the race, but not before stopping at the Plainview Diner in Plainview, NY for breakfast.

The surly waitress that poured our coffee and slung our eggs was more than forgettable, unlike lines of this classic 50s style diner. While Fran was settling the bill I decided to give the building some camera love.


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