July 8, 2013

The Kitchen Sink

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I still cannot get over how much fun the Spring Photo Blogger Meetup at Moab was. Seven Bloggers got together for 72 hours of almost non-stop photography, functioning on very little sleep and all living to tell about it. Epic.

One of the first stops on the journey to Moab was the Ghost Town of Cisco, Utah. We had about an hour to roam around this semi-private former town before the police rolled in and disrupted our plans. Or perhaps, kept us on schedule. It is all in how you look at it.

In any event, It didn’t look like the Police were concerned with us when they started questioning a couple of other individuals who weren’t wielding cameras and tripods, but we felt we may have over-stayed our welcome, so we packed up and headed out of town.

Of course, none of this was before we all got some decent shots.

For us Urbex (Rurex) fans, Cisco had everything … including the kitchen sink!

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  1. Great shot, Bob, I just love subjects like this! Mother Nature is rather relentless my friend, she’s left no straight lines behind in the buildings you are showcasing here. I love it.