July 18, 2013

Mesa Window

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Another shot from Mesa Arch from the Photoblogger trip to Moab this past Spring.

Even though sunrise had past, there was still some magic to be gad as the sun slowly rose above Canyonlands. Some of the seemingly dozens of photographers that had been there since well before dawn had left, leaving the rest up us scrambling to get additional shots. It was quite like a dance, actually, with photographers darting about, trying to get theirs while staying out of the shots of others.

I got this shot with my Olympus OMD Micro Four Thirds camera. I brought it on the trip, not so much as a backup, but as a second camera. I shot with it hand-held, exclusively. I have to say, I was impressed with the results and the way it performed.

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  1. It’s a beautiful shot, Bob. I’m really impressed with the detail on the canyon floor, and I like the light rays and shadows.

  2. Damn bob, did I see that camera? very cool shot, I miss this place!We are planning our Fall trip, We would still like to meet for dinner in your neck of the woods, you good for that?