July 22, 2013


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I got a chance to do a little bit of shooting this weekend. I went to Seabrook Beach in Seabrook, New Hampshire yesterday to visit my sister and her family who are there for the week.

And I’m not much of a beach person. The only way I can tolerate the sand and sun is to keep moving, which usually means I wander around shooting. So I did.

I experimented with my OMD and long exposures. Using step-up rings I alternated between my B&W 10 stop and my R-72 IR filter. Of course, as soon as I got home, I downloaded the files and started working on them.

With the B&W I noticed some strange vertical streaking and texture in the sky. Not sure what it is. I’ve done some LE work with the camera before and haven’t noticed it. But since I was in direct sunlight this time, I am not ruling out light leaking. I suppose it could also be a dirty filter, since shots with the R-72, on the other hand, did not exhibit the streaking. That can only mean I have to do more long exposure work with teh OMD!

This image is one of the shots I grabbed using the R-72 filter, shot in the Beach House yard. The beach is a couple hundred yards beyond the grassy dune. The neighbor suggested I stand on a table so I could get the beach in the shot.

Thanks anyway, I’m fine with this.



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