July 30, 2013

Washington Mill

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Last Saturday night my friend and Mills Workshop partner, Steven Perlmutter and I hosted a casual photo walk through the North Canal District of Lawrence. We played host to about 15 people who share our love for shooting these old industrial buildings. Much fun.

The North Canal District is an area in transition and very much on the rise. The old mills in the district are in various states. Some are home to commercial businesses including an art center and gallery and textile manufacturers. Some are newly renovated into residential property. Then there is this one. This is one of the original buildings that comprised Washington Mills back in the day. It is owned by a New Jersey paper company sits dormant and neglected since they moved operations a few years ago.

If you know the owners, please let them know I want to shoot the interior.

On another note
I am still in the process of re-working my site. One thing (of the many) I have always neglected is providing the ability to see more of my work. Sure, you can click through the blog posts, but that can be tedious. So, if you look in the menu bar above you can see I’ve added a new link, Photo Stories.

Photo Stories are small groupings of images (all of which have appeared individually in blog posts) collected on a page with some notes about the original shoot or series.

The first three are up. Be sure to check them out.

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