July 31, 2013

North Canal

North Canal

Here is another shot from last Saturday night’s Historic Mills Photography Workshop photo walk.

The iron bridge basked in red LED lights was originally a railroad bridge. It facilitated the steam locomotive engines that were built in the Stone Mill, located about a block away (behind the camera).

The lights on the bridge also change color every couple of minutes, covering the spectrum — blue, violet, red, orange, yellow, green … repeat.  I waited for red.

This is one of about a dozen very similar images shot that night by about a dozen photographers, all lined up along the bridge over the North Canal. It was pretty much the last shot of the night for us.

A good night, indeed.


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  1. Would have been interesting to see how the other colors worked on the bridge, although I think you made the right choice in going for the red. Lovely still waters creating the great reflections, too.