August 20, 2013

Light Painting the Stone Mill

[singlepic id=2320 w=840 float=left]

Steven Perlmutter and I were preparing for our upcoming workshop on October 12 a couple of weeks ago when we collaborated on this shot. I slapped the fisheye lens on the my D700 and framed the image. Then I asked Steven to backlight the cart with the the blue LED flashlight for a few seconds white I painted it in red. We lit the background a bit as well.

The Stone and Everett Mills take on new life in the darkness and are infinitely fun to photograph either by light painting or taking advantage of the eerie ambient light. We are really looking forward to sharing the fun with a few more people in the  October 12 workshop! There is still space, if you are interested!

You can see one of Steven’s night shots from that night here.

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