August 21, 2013

Meet Calvin

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Calvin is a rescued jack russell terrier who was adopted by my friends Fran and Katie Coughlin and their daughter Rylie. When Calvin was rescued from the mean streets of Wareham, MA he was an emaciated bundle of nerves with nubs for teeth. Evidently, he had taken to gnawing on rocks to try to feed himself.

Within a couple of months Calvin had regained both his weight and his personality. In the safety and security of his new home his life’s obsession became the quest for fetch. He lives for it. It is his job. Calvin will bring a toy to you, place it at your feet, step back and wait for you to throw it so he can bring it back to you. This will go on and on until either you or Calvin gets bored or collapses. In my experience, Calvin has always been the last dog standing.

When I visited the Coughlins back in March, Fran asked me to get a couple of shots of Calvin. I immediately had this shot in mind. After a few rounds of fetch I got a pose I was happy with.

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