August 23, 2013

Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising

I spent Wednesday in Ogunquit, Maine assisting at a photography workshop. It was a small pilot program run my friends at Vector EDU, a company that conducts workshops for vocational school educators. Steven Perlmutter (my mill workshop partner) and I were asked to participate by working with people on landscape photography in the field.

Temps were in the 90s, there was not a cloud in the sky and the tide was heading out. It was a great beach day but a lousy day for landscape photography. We had a good session anyway. At the end of the day we walked to Perkins Cove for sunset (which was a bust)along the Marginal Way  and back to try to catch the moonrise. Which brings us to today’s image.

When the moon rose above the slight haze that was obscuring it we all stopped to grab a few shots. I slapped on 28-300mm lens and zoomed in to around 200mm. My original framing included rocks in the foreground but there wasn’t enough of them to make an impact. So I opted for a minimalistic feel with a tight square crop.

More about the day in a post next week.

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  1. Author

    Thanks, Richard. It was a gorgeous moonrise. I wish I had been in a more interesting spot to take better advantage of it, but I am pretty happy with this.