September 24, 2013

Wood Steps

If I could present one image as the reason I shoot the mills in Lawrence, this would be it. Well, in all honesty, I could  probably come up with a few images that define my photographic obsession, but this would be on the top of the image stack.

It is a shot from the Wood Mill — specifically, last remaining building of a sprawling textile mill complex that played an important role in America’s Industrial Revolution.

Today, this stairwell is clean and modern. The windows are custom built and energy efficient. The developer did a great job repurposing this old building to serve the needs of modern society.

I had the opportunity to shoot in this mill back in 2009, about three years before renovations began. I didn’t have a lot of time to shoot that day and I hoped to get back. But it never happened. This is one of only a handful of images I got of the building’s interior that day so I am grateful that I was able to get the shots I did.


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