October 9, 2013

Angel Falls II

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I cannot stress enough the value of going back and looking through old images. It is so easy to go on a shoot and be so pumped about a particular shot that you overlook other potential gems. Or that one shot you thought was the winner didn’t live up to expectations, so you abandon the set. I did the latter here.

This wasn’t the shot I saw in my mind’s eye when pushed the shutter button. I saw a lush green, full height shot of Angel Falls but there was a very annoying branch interrupting the flow of the 90 foot drop. I hated it and I abandoned the set, never giving a thought to cropping the image.

Fast forward to last week when I happened upon the images I took that day. I looked at the image with a different eye and a vision that evolved over the decade or so since I shot it.

It is a black and white conversion of about half of the original frame. You can see part of the annoying branch at the top of the frame silhouetted against the falls.


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