November 7, 2013


Yesterday was refreshing. At least two hours of it were.

For a couple of hours Steven Perlmutter and I were able to shoot the interior of the Pacific Mill in Lawrence. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot parts of the Pacific before, but there is some urgency to shoot it more comprehensively. While the main building in the complex is still commercial property, the others are in the early stages of transition to residential property. For us and our “Historic Mills Photography project, it is important to shoot these buildings before they are transformed into modern marvels. So now they are empty or near empty — the perfect time to shoot them.

We spent an hour or so shooting a couple of empty floor of one building and an hour shooting the turbine room (which I’ve shot before).

This shot is from the fourth (or maybe the fifth) floor of that vacated building. I was initially drawn to the conveyor door but really liked the light illuminating the building through the tall windows.

These mills old are all about the tall windows.


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