November 21, 2013

Clock Works

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Here is another shot from last Saturday’s clock tower shoot. This one (obviously) without Charlie. I grabbed this just after Charlie told Steven Perlmutter and me about the massive undertaking that was the restoration process.

The clock stopped working in 1955 and remained unattended until the early 90s. The condition of the various pieces of the clock mechanism ranged from corroded to destroyed to completely missing. All due either to the ravages of time or the work of vandals. They were able to restore many of the parts but many more had to be recreated. Charlie, a machinist by trade, manufactured some of the parts himself.

Additionally, the unattended tower had become a nesting ground for pigeons. Over the 40 0r so years of avian occupancy a small ocean of pigeon poop had accumulated in the tower — in some spots, up to six feet deep. The cost of cleaning that mess alone was around $75,000.

But that is the past. As Charlie likes to point out, the clock is good to go for another 100 years.

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