December 15, 2013


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We had our first snowstorm of this winter season over the weekend. And while I would like to say I was tempted to go out and shoot some glorious winter landscapes, I had absolutely no desire to go outside. It was all I could do to gather the strength to go out to shovel. So what’s a boy with a camera to do? Point that light gathering device at some finely crafted vintage objects, of course!

Sitting on the shelf in my home office are a few vintage cameras that I have contemplated photographing in the past. The snowstorm and my a desire to shoot something, gave me the opportunity and motive. So here are a couple from my impromptu shoot.

You are looking at a Russian made, Zenit-E 35mm camera. I can’t tell you exactly when it was made, but I would guess sometime in the early 1970s. These images were shot with my Olympus OM-D-E-M1 and the 60mm macro lens.

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