January 10, 2014

An Empty Mill Floor

[singlepic id=2484 w=840 h=840 float=center]

The very literal title reflects the fact that I am at a loss for words in titling this image. That is not to be mistaken for a loss of enthusiasm in actually shooting the mills!

This one is from the Washington Mill a couple of years back. I explored the building with my friend Brian Matiash — a great day of shooting. It is an image that I never processed until last night. Truth is, I probably passed over it back then because I was doing so much HDR processing and this image didn’t exactly scream “TONEMAP ME!” — not that that would have stopped me.  But for whatever reason, I moved on. However, my recent love affair with black and white has me going back through old mill images to try to see them differently. This one jumped out immediately.

Hope you like it.

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