January 20, 2014

Christian Science Center

[singlepic id=2488 w=840 float=center]

I happened to be poking through old Lightroom directories this past weekend when I stumbled upon images from a 2010 shoot at the Christian Science Center in Boston. I was there with my friend and frequent shooting partner, Brian Matiash (who has since moved!). We were meeting up with Dave Wilson who was in town on business. We started this epic day of shooting at the Christian Science Center, made our way to Copley Center, where Brian Matiash had a memorable encounter with a security guard who suspected that Brian may have been a terrorist by virtue of the fact that he was wielding a camera on a tripod. But I digress.

This shot, from the Christian Science Center, is one I neglected for these past 3+ years — probably because I had posted a similar one from a different angle.  So I think it’s time to bring this one to light.

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  1. Wow, awesome details and contrast Bob! The ripples in the water are very cool and offset the hardness of the Center! Really well done!