January 28, 2014

Van Houten’s Cocoa

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This is my first post this week, and it is not even a new image. It is an image I shot a few years ago and just recently reprocessed. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting anything new, nor does it explain my lack of posting this week!  And both of those issues are related.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting a job for my friends at Smuttynose Brewing. Smuttynose is a fine craft brewer in New Hampshire. (More on that in a few weeks.) In the course of about six hours, I shot over 1500 images and my son/assistant shot a great deal of video. All of that delicious data took all day Sunday (spilling into Monday) to download to the computer and then upload to my site for the client.  The whole process completely threw me off of my blogging schedule!

So back to today’s new/old image. As I was driving through Lawrence back in 2010 I noticed a newly vacant lot. The razed building exposed some 19th century advertising on the walls of the adjoining building.  Well worth stopping for a shot, I thought.

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