February 3, 2014

The Storehouse

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Back in 2010 this complex was still a semi-vacant mill yard and one of my favorite places to shoot. This was my favorite building. I photographed it many times. From many angles. In all kinds of weather.

Sadly, due to a hard drive crash, many of those shots are lost. But I rediscovered this one on Saturday while I was looking for images to add to this square, black and white series I have been working on.

What series is that, you ask? Well, It is a series of my mill images shot over the past five years or so. I’ve posted some of them here on the blog before and some of them are new. All of them have been converted to black and white with a square crop.

I call the series “The Mill City.”  It captures the essence of the history of the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts —  the character of Lawrence’s iconic mills — from the Appleton to the Washington, both inside and out. I will unveil the initial set of images for this series later this week.

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