February 4, 2014

North Canal Gate House

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From the title, you know this is the North Canal Gate House in Lawrence. It is maintained in original condition by the Enel Corporation, the company that runs the dam and sells the electricity it generates through its much more modern facility located on the south end of the dam. I was given an hour or so to shoot in here in exchange for signing my life away in the event I fell through one of the trap doors in the floor.

You’ve also probably guessed this is another image from the square series.  This is one of several that I rediscovered while searching my archives for images that would be appropriate for it — help paint a picture of Lawrence’s Industrial Past. It was originally intended as an HDR image and was immediately rejected because of the blown highlights across the series of five brackets I shot that day. Don’t judge me! I was new to HDR and giddy with excitement to be shooting such a cool place!

Of course, working in black and white, I can embrace the clipping, as I did here.


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