February 5, 2014

The Mill City

[singlepic id=2497 w=840 float=center]

This was shot about three years ago from the high service water tower in Lawrence. It was taken at around 8:00 in the morning.     

I’ve processed this a couple of different ways over the past couple of years, but this is the final, definitive version. It captures the atmosphere of the morning, with the low blinding sun glistening off the buildings.

If you have been following this blog you know I have been going back through my catalog of Lawrence mill images recently. I’m putting together something of a retrospective of my years photographing the city’s mills and other industrial era buildings.  I set certain criteria for myself, for consistency in style and presentation — I’ve processed (or re-processed) all images in black and white and constrained them to a square crop. That second requirement has forced me to eliminate some of my favorite images from this collection. But don’t worry, they will still be available in their original form.

That said, I may break my own rule and include this image in the retrospective. I think it provides a powerful overview for the set. In this view I can point out almost all of the places in the city I’ve photographed.





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