February 27, 2014

Home is Where the Heart Is

It has been over about a week since I’ve posted anything here (bless me father, for I have sinned). Or on Facebook. Or GooglePlus. The primary reason is illness — I had been down for the count for most of that time with the flu, or something like it. But even in moments of lucidity, other things got in the way. PLUS, I haven’t been doing a lot of shooting. So any lucid-blog time was spent poking through the archives for blog worthy images. Which brings us to this one.

It’s a shot from my Nevada trip back in 2012. While driving through the town of Kingston I stumbled upon this little abandoned homestead.  It consisted of a couple of small trailer homes, a car and a shed. Probably an out-house as well.  Behind the door of the van in the foreground was a table with a stack of rusted tin cans. Opposite it (not seen in the image) was a fire pit.

All things considered, it seemed to be a pretty comfortable place!

The sun was harsh that day so I thought I’d embrace it and give this a contrasty BW treatment.

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