March 5, 2014

The Reclamation

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Yesterday’s post (here and on Facebook) featured an image of a old Irish shack I stumbled upon on my trip back in 2008. That prompted a friend of mine to email me. He shared a story about his own trip to Ireland and what he learned there about these old stone structures. I don’t think my friend will mind if I share his story.

The trip to the farm was very cool and there was a house like the one you posted.   I asked [the owner] how long this old thing had been there. He thought for a moment and then told me the last people moved out in 1987!   I thought he would say 1887.   He went on to explain that when the thatch is not maintained it quickly rots and the roof falls in and then it isn’t very long before things start growing inside (dirt floor I believe) and 30 years later you have something that looks ancient. 

He invited us to look around and told us that when he was a child many more people had lived in this area, but most had moved away.  Strange as an American to go to a place that has become MORE rural over the last 75 years.  Just doesn’t happen over here….

After reading that I recalled another image I captured on the trip — today’s image, above. I noticed this old cottage in a sheep pasture as we drove through The Burren. With the shrubs aggressively overtaking the building I assumed it had been empty for the better part of a century. Perhaps only a couple of decades?

Processing on this was done in Nik SilverEvex Pro.




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