March 11, 2014


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This is an image from almost two years ago. It was shot at the Transport Museum in Coventry, UK.

This is the ThrustSSC (Thrust Supersonic Car). In 1997 it became the first car to officially break the sound barrier. It did so in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert with RAF fighter pilot Andy Green at the wheel. The display is one of the only things that you have to pay for at the museum. For a small fee you get to sit in a little chamber with cockpit POV video of the record breaking ride. The accompanying motion and sound effects sorta-kinda make you feel like you were there. It was definitely cool.  But not as cool as actually seeing the car as you exit the chamber. After all, that is the reason you shelled out the couple of Euro for the ride.

As you exit the chamber a curtain rises and you are looking at the SSC, basking in constantly changing colored lights. And a video, If I recall correctly.

The cool thing about this shot is the cool thing about the Transport Museum. It is very photography friendly. Camera. Tripod. No questions.  During busier times, I suspect I would have been ushered out after the first viewing of this awesome machine. But the place was slow on the rainy Friday my son and I were there.  I set up my tripod low and shot several sets of brackets to capture a good range of light in a variety of colors.  I was able to stay set up in the same spot through two or three cycles of the SSC ride until I was satisfied I got what I needed.

I picked what seemed to be a logical set of brackets to create this HDR/composite.



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