March 17, 2014

The Boat House

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This was taken on a family trip to North Carolina back in 2011. We were visiting my in-laws and I took a “personal day” to meet up with North Carolina photographer Rob Hanson and do some exploring. We hit Bald Head Island to shoot the lighthouse and whatever else we could find. You can file this old boat hose under “whatever.” We were on our way back to meet the ferry when we spotted it from the main road. It stuck out like a sore thumb.

You see, Bald Head Island is a rather exclusive resort island. It boasts a golf course or two, a couple of beaches and a lot of very nice private homes. This run down boathouse sat across the channel behind a gorgeous home. Rob and I both caught a glimpse of it and immediately decided to stop to shoot it, risking the chance of missing the ferry back to the mainland. There were no cars in the driveway and no other signs of human occupancy at the house. So technically we were trespassing when we went out back to shoot.

It was well worth the risk.


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