March 25, 2014


On my my last visit (which I hope won’t be my last visit) to Austin, Nevada I walked the short mile or so up and down main street shooting the buildings. Most of those shots were fairly mundane. After a cursory pass through the resulting, I pretty much moved on to more exciting images. So I was thrilled to find this one when I revisited the catalog.

The composition (finally) caught my eye. I liked what the 14mm prime lens did to the lines and angles – further distorted my the fact that the road was going uphill to the right. I liked the way the hard angles played against chaotic twisted branches of the trees. And I liked all the little things I picked up as my eyes wandered through the frame – the ‘antique’ sign, the things hanging on the store walls, the vault door, the angel weathervane and the church in the background.

Yes. I like this image!

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  1. Hi there. This is my house and barn in Austin. I don’t know if you know or not, but the little building in the middle is an outhouse from the Nevada Central Railroad hauled into town years ago. I had leaded windows put into the door, stained glass on the side wall and gingerbread put in the roof line. The house is 1864 and one of the earliest in Austin, it was operated by women as a boarding house. Are you an Austin person, or just a visitor? We live in Reno and spend time in the summer out there. I’d love to show you the inside of the house sometime, it has many interesting things built into the rehab of the house. Looking forward to hearing from you. Oh, do you sell your images, I might like to buy one for my art collection.