March 27, 2014

Stone Flow

[singlepic id=2520 w=840 float=center]

This is my most recent find in my “hey, what images have I overlooked in the past couple of years?” series. It is a long exposure shot of the Stone Mill in Lawrence.

I can justify the initial neglect … I rented a Nikon D800 to do some shooting at the 2013 Boston Marathon for the BAA. I didn’t own one (still don’t) but needed to get familiar with it. The shoot was from a helicopter, so I opted for a camera that would give me maximum resolution.

I took the D800 out for a test run a couple of days before the race — a very windy day. I shot a bunch of LE images locally and also made a quick trip to the shore. Since I was more concerned with preparing equipment for the BAA shoot and focussing on logistics, only a couple of the images from that day trip got processed and posted in the weeks immediately following the Marathon. Even if the bombings hadn’t happened on that day, I think these images would have been back burner items.

I love the Stone Mill.

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  1. I just can’t get enough of your work with this facility, Bob. Another stunning shot here, those textures are incredible, and there is a ton of raw drama here in this frame. Top drawer, my friend!