April 28, 2014

Warwick Castle

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It has been forever since I’ve posted an image here on the blog. Well, maybe just a week or so. But it seems like forever. Not by design, though. Life has been very hectic — My free time over the past couple of weeks was consumed by final preparations for the Boston Marathon and my oldest son’s wedding. Both were wildly successful and went off without a hitch. But I have to say my son’s wedding was way more fun. I didn’t have to run a step and the recovery was a lot quicker — If you know what I mean.

Anyway, now that marathon training and wedding preparation is over, I am now photographically rejuvenated. Back to posting on the blog and back to shooting.

That last bit is key. New shooting this winter and spring (so far) has been lacking. My goal is to turn that trend around.

But until I shoot something new that is worth posting, here is an old image from my trip to England in 2012 — A shot of Warwick Castle.

Damn. What a cool castle!

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  1. First off, this shot rocks, second, congrats on both the wedding and marathon. I totally understand on the shooting, I have been lax as well but a nice birthday trip to Ashville and Boston/Acadia in the works things are looking up! Cheers Bob