May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day

If you have kids or if you’ve ever been a kid, you have some of these. Take a school photo, add some creativity, construction paper, macaroni, or a simple frame and you have a classic ornament! As the years go by they become reminders of past Christmas and the passage of time. 

My wife Jean was away visiting her mother after Christmas through New Years this past season. That left my sons, John and Ryan, and me with the duty of taking down the tree and putting away the decorations. Among the ornaments we’ve collected over the 30 years we’ve been married were a few of these classics.  So I took advantage of the fact that Jean was away to shoot some portraits of the passage of time. I needed my son Thom (who is out of the house) to complete the picture. I finally got to shoot his portrait in late January when he was over for a visit.

My original intent was to give these to Jean next Christmas. But Mother’s Day seemed more appropriate. So today she got these portraits grouped on an aluminum print.

Happy Mother’s Day!  

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