May 19, 2014

Before Dawn

Austin Nevada

I think I need to go back to central Nevada to do more shooting. Since my original trip in 2012 I find myself contemplating the things I would do differently or lamenting the opportunities I missed — like not shooting the ghost  town of Berlin because I got lost!

But until I pull the trigger on that trip I have the images I shot in 2012 — I am still finding images that need processing from that batch. This is one of them.

I woke early one morning, well before dawn, and decided to head up through the pass to try to catch a shot of the town at dawn. Well dawn was a bust, but the images I grabbed in the pre-dawn blue hour held promise. And time. Evidently I needed some time to mull around how exactly to process this one.

I took some liberties in processing this (my photo, my rules). I underexposed the image overall in Lightroom then brought up the town a little more. I wanted to draw the eye to Austin a bit more, so I used a tilt-shift blur, then masked the blur out along the ridge of the surrounding hills to separate it even more from the expanse of Reese River Valley.

Hope you like it.


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