June 17, 2014

An Office

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Last Saturday my friend Steven and I hosted what I think was our fifth Historic Mills Photography Workshop. This one was rather special. We brought about 10 eager and talented photographers through five buildings at three different mills in Lawrence: The Pacific, the Everett and the Stone. With all that space to shoot it soon became clear that this workshop was going to be heavy on shooting.

Steven and I had both shot in the Pacific Mill before but this was the first time we were able to hose a workshop there. It was a big hit with our participants and Steven and I even got to join in on the shooting fun. This is one of my shots — not your typical mill shot.

Like most of these buildings, the Pacific has a mix of raw space that echoes back to its 19th century prime and space that has been renovated to accommodate specific needs of the tenants.  This is empty offices on one of the renovated areas.

I loved the pastel colors, the light from the windows and the simple shapes. And I especially love the “lighter” feeling of abandonment I got from the scene.


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