June 29, 2014

Tremont Nail Company

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I spent this past Saturday in Mattapoissett, MA visiting friends. It was a social visit, but my good friend Fran Coughlin lined up something to shoot, as he always does when I visit.

This time it was the Tremont Nail Company in Wareham, a 150+ year old facility comprised of about five buildings. The facility sits on the Wareham River, which also served as its source of power.

Actually, the company moved to Mansfield, MA when it was bought out a few years ago. The original property is now owned by the town of Wareham. It is completely shuttered, making access impossible. Except of course for the exterior, which was still fun to explore.

I got a few shots that I am happy with (including this one) but could not help but regret the fact that I missed the opportunity to photograph the facility completely. Especially after seeing the video below — Bob Villa getting a tour back in 2011.

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