July 2, 2014

Arethusa Falls

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On this day I was competing with dozens of other hikers, all clamoring for some time to bask in the waters.  This particular shot was captured during a lull in bathing activity.

I grabbed the shot by placing my camera on the rock on the edge of a pool and shooting straight into the base of the falls. The sun was high and harsh so I opted for a slightly under exposed shot. A polarizing filter and, of course, a 10 stop ND filter were key.

Just out of the frame on the right were a few people getting ready to venture into the chill.  When I turned around it looked like a bus depot. I saw a couple of dozen people making their way to the base of the falls.

Timing is everything.

You can find the trail head to Arethusa Falls along Rte 302 in the Crawford Notch area of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is at the end of a moderate 1.5 mile hike. Longer if you want to take in Frankenstein Cliffs or the other waterfall (the name escapes me. Sorry).

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