July 29, 2014

Lonesome Lake IR

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This is an infrared shot of Lonesome Lake. It sits to the South of Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch at about 2,700 ft above sea level.

If you hike the Cascade trail to get here, the journey is as rewarding as this view. The trail crosses the cascades twice and features a couple of gorgeous waterfalls along the way. The only one I got to shoot, however, was Kinsman Falls. I made mental notes of the other one, as well as other spots I intended to shoot on the way down. However, my hiking companion and sister took a nasty spill along the trail about a half mile from the lake, shattering her wrist.

There was no doubt of the break. Even if my sister Anne wasn’t a nurse, the unusual lumpiness and rapid swelling of her wrist was a dead giveaway.  

To make a long story short, we made our way carefully up to Lonesome Lake and the AMC Hut, which is nestled on its shore, where we were greeted by a concerned staff (who had been forewarned of my sister’s accident by concerned hikers who had passed us on the last stretch). They fashioned a splint to keep her arm and wrist still and gave her something to eat and drink. Two of the girls even accompanied us down the mountain via a shorter trail, then drove us to the car (about two miles from our original trailhead).

I’m happy to say that my sister is recovering well. I brought her to the ER in Plymouth NH where they x-rayed, diagnosed and properly set her wrist. She’ll be back to normal in about 6 weeks.

I guess when you break a bone in ski country, odds are you will be attended by a good orthopedic doctor.

Oh … when the two young ladies from the Hut started hiking back down with my sister, I took the opportunity to lag behind and grab a couple of shots of the lake.

I know. It is all about me.

Seriously, my hat is off to Anne. It was a tough break (no pun intended).  She made it up the mountain and back down (a very steep trail) again while enduring some mind numbing pain! Truly #Pro!


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